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Fundraiser for Dan Bailey for COD Trustee

5:30pm - 8:30

311 E Loop Road, Wheaton, Il, 60189

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Fundraiser for Dan Bailey for COD Trustee


We are having a fundraiser on Thursday March 7, 5:30 to 8:30 pm at Cozymels on Butterfield Road in Wheaton.   Lets get together, talk, and have some traditional appetizers like quesadillas and nachos. Celebrate Dan getting endorsed by the COD faculty and raise funds to get out his message. We'll have appetizers and a cash bar.

Suggested donation $40  (we will accept more).  Please RSVP to

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Link to facebook event:  Fundraiser for Dan Bailey for COD Trustee

5:30pm - 8:30

311 E Loop Road, Wheaton, Il, 60189


Leaflet Naperville Train Station


Naperville Train Station

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Leaflet Naperville Train Station

Please join me to hand out leaflets at the Naperville Train station!


Naperville Train Station

Press Releases



Decries surprise trustee appointment process

Glen Ellyn, Illinois, February 21, 2019 At its February meeting the College of DuPage Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of former Chair Deanne Mazzochi. At the same meeting, they then appointed Heidi Holan to fill the remaider of the term for this vacant seat. Public input was not sought, and no notice was given other than saying a vote would take place to fill the vacancy. There was no mention of who might be appointed or when in this notice.

Dan Bailey made this statement during the public comment at the beginning of the meeting before the appointment was officially made.

My name is Dan Bailey, I am a long time COD student and resident from Wheaton and also a candidate for Trustee of the College of DuPage Trustee.

I heard about the resolution regarding a resignation and appointment of a board member in the agenda before I read it. It is not specific. We don’t know what is planned, what to expect and therefore how to react to try to have the best possible outcome. While not entirely unexpected, the appearance of this resolution in the board meeting packet just days before a board meeting where this matter may be decided is concerning.  The residents of District 502 who care about our college want an open and transparent process.  Ideally we would want time to allow potential volunteers for the position to apply to the board.  Then the board members could consider them over a month or two with community input.  In the recent past such a process happened for a board vacancy in 2016. 

I call for the board to slow this process down and take an approach like that of 2016 allowing time for community members to volunteer to serve and be properly evaluated with community input.

After the meeting Dan concludes, “This process stinks!  How does this secret appointment process serve the people who rely on College of DuPage??” 

Dan Bailey is a candidate for College of DuPage Trustee who pledges to make sure our students, teachers and taxpayers know COD is managed effectively for all of us.

 If you would like more information about this topic, please call Dan Bailey at 630 632 8590,

The Platform

Dan's Commitment to Voters


I am running to serve on the COD College of DuPage  Board of Trustees so that I can ensure that:

-  Our students receive an excellent yet affordable education

-  Their talented teachers and other employees receive fair wages under good working conditions

-  Area business owners know COD as a resource for well trained workers 

-  We taxpayers know our investment is responsibly used to benefit all of our community

There are potential conflicts between the teaching staff who know what resources are needed and management trying to control a budget.   I have hands on experience of the positive results of collective bargaining.   I have 30 years successful community organizing experience bringing together people with strong diverse points of view to work together to achieve common goals 

I am running for the future of COD. I’ve been to board meetings.  I am impressed with the progress made so far and want to contribute my talents toward continuing this progress.  

United By A Common Goal


Dan will be a Watchdog for Transparency and Accountability for Students, their Teachers, Taxpayers, and DuPage Businesses.


The College of DuPage Faculty Association’s Political Action Committee has endorsed Dan. "Dan Bailey, RN, also a COD alum, began as a COD student in the 1970s. Later, after working as a locomotive engineer, he turned to COD to change careers and completed a degree in nursing. He feels keenly the power of education to change student’s lives at any life stage. Bailey is a natural watchdog for the stewardship of community resources and will keep the interests of students front and center."

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Gary Kleppe

Dan is a highly responsible, thoughtful, and compassionate individual, just what the COD board needs.

About Dan


Dan is a father of 3 and grandfather of 3 girls who grew up in DuPage.  A retired locomotive engineer and union activist for health and safety who studied at COD to become a Registered Nurse, Dan lives in Wheaton with his wife Maria. A Democratic Party activist in DuPage since 1988, Dan previously worked before in the Little Village Chicago Community with the Independent Voters of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization (IVI/IPO). Dan has served as the Democratic Precinct Committeeman Milton precinct 64 in Wheaton since 1988. Active in the Sierra Club in the 90’s and many environmental efforts over the years.  Once on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Area Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, Dan has also run for many offices and helped others do so. 


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